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The mission of the best nail salon 33756 is to bring customers not only the beauty but also the wellbeing. That is the reason why the nail salon near me Clearwater, FL 33756 offers a wide range of affordable spa treatments. If you’re looking for a wellness spa experience, just go for Manicures, Pedicures, Mani-Pedi Combo, and choose the most suitable service that your hands and feet need. Let’s have a quick read on some of the best Manicure and Pedicure services.

Pink and White Full Set

nail salon 33756
Nail salon 33756 | A&M Clearwater Nails & Spa | Clearwater, FL 33756

You don’t have to go all out with fabulous nail designs and intrinsic nail art to make your manicure spectacular. On the contrary, some of the most low-key manicures might be some of the most beautiful looks. Pink & White nails, also known as French tips, or French mani, are a look consisting of the white tips on a pink nail base.

nail salon FL 33756

If you obtain a Pink and White full set for the first time, the manicurist will give you the option of adding a clear or white tip for length. A white plastic tip is the easiest way to go, while clear tips require a white powder or polish sculpted on top of it. Fills are needed to maintain Pink & White at least every week, by brushing acrylic powder onto the area of new growth. In addition to getting the nail base filled, the white tips also need to be back-filled. Fills and backfills cost less than the initial full sets and are the best way to maintain the Pink n White look, rather than doing a full set often.

French Manicures

nail salon Clearwater FL 33756
Nail salon 33756 | A&M Clearwater Nails & Spa | Clearwater, FL 33756

From simple to more complex variations, the French Manicure has proven to be a perfect nail art option. Its simple design creates a universally flattering style that goes with any look.  

French Manicures are elegant and hearken back to classic nail looks from the fifties and sixties, yet they feel clean and modern at the same time. It is minimal and does not look like you are trying too hard, but has a touch of polish and vintage nostalgia. Plus, the style makes your nails look super long. French manicure choice is such a solid solution to such a time-consuming problem.

nail salon 33756
Nail salon 33756 | A&M Clearwater Nails & Spa | Clearwater, FL 33756

The white-tipped look with a pink or nude overlay seems to be an everlasting nail trend, with women still constantly requesting it in nail salon 33756 | A&M Clearwater Nails & Spa FL. If you want to look effortlessly, naturally put together, French manicure is really a great choice for you.

nail salon Florida 33756
Nail salon 33756 | A&M Clearwater Nails & Spa | Clearwater, FL 33756
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